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We have a wide variety of red wines that appeal to all palates.  Everything from sweet reds to robust dry reds.  There isnt a red wine that we don't enjoy.  Having Italian, we've got it.  Nice steak that needs a pairing, we've got that too.


Our white wines are crisp and refreshing with subtle notes of fruit or oak and are light on the acidity.  We have added a few new and interesting white wines to our list, like our Pineapple Sauvignon Blanc and Trio, a blend of Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc & Muscat.

Fruit Flavored
We have many different fruit flavored wines to choose from. If you think of it as juice, we probably make it as a fruit flavored wine. Our customers refer to our fruit flavored wines as "Adult Juice". If you find one that you love, you may want to place an order in advance.


Small town Winery with BIG Ideas!
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