We donate all of our bar tips to Local shelters in Doc, Lucy and Stella's names. To date we have donated over $32,000.00!

We are also proud members of the White Mountain Independents


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Batch Ordering

If you like our wines enough and you would like to be sure to get the wine of your choice, we do batch orders as well.  Batch orders also make great wedding and Christmas gifts.  When you order a batch we make the wine just for you and while we make the wine, you send us a picture and we turn it into your own personal label.  Batch orders must be placed in advance (3 to 8 months).  A batch of wine is 24 large bottles (750ml) or 48 small bottles (375ml) and half batches are also available.

List of wines we produce are not always available!

Please check Face Book or email for current selection.

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